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Ingolf Müller - Die Kanzlei

The range of services of our office meets the increased requirements of the market. We offer our clients extensive economic and tax advice. Apart from the principal, a team of tax advisors, accountants and other qualified staff is available to you for that. In cooperation with the auditing company IMB Audit GmbH we are also able to offer you high-quality accounting services.

We provide services for clients with seat in Germany and other European countries. Our clients are both private persons and companies of different sizes, sectors and legal forms. Key areas are wholesale and retail trade as well as the service sector. Moreover, we provide services for doctors of medicine of various medical specialities as well as other freelancers. In addition, non-profit associations and societies are among our clients.

Concerning legal questions we closely cooperate with reputable law firms and notary’s offices.

Above that we cooperate with reputable law firms in Luxemburg, Italy, Austria and Switzerland in case of cross-border issues.